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Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—The European species (Tilia europaea) is a common domestic remedy in Europe for the relief of many nervous and catarrhal disorders. The leaves, flowers, and buds are employed, and their properties may be regarded as stimulant, lenitive, tonic, and nervine. The infusion is generally preferred, and may be given to allay irritation and restlessness, and to promote rest and sleep. The hot infusion is employed to check diarrhoea from cold, and in the various forms of colds and catarrhal conditions, while, either hot or cold, it may be used in restlessness, nervous headaches, painful and difficult digestion, and mild hysteria. The effects upon the nervous system are sometimes obtained by an enema, or bath, prepared from the flowers. The infusion is prepared from 30 or 40 grains of the flowers and 1 pint of water. It forms an agreeable vehicle for other medicines. A strong tincture may be prepared of the flowers (℥viij) and strong alcohol (Oj). Dose, 1 to 20 minims. The other species undoubtedly possess similar properties. (via Tilia.—Linden Flowers. | Henriette’s Herbal Homepage)
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