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NEW LINE - Herbology Notebook (dark cover) by celestefrittata

This handbound notebook measures 3½ x 5½" (9 x 14 cm). It is the same size as a moleskine pocket notebook, and has 80 blank unlined, and very thin creamy white sheets (160 pages).

It is completely handbound with the Hardcover Binding Tecnique.

The cover is screen printed using a Japanese Print Gocco Machine with black ink on green handmade paper (dark green (the light green cover will be available again soon).

The image on the cover is an original drawing by Elena Torre

The edges of the pages are torn by hand, and the cover has been distressed with a black inkpad to make the notebook looks old and used.

This is one of my new Magical Notebooks, all the other subjects will be available in the next few weeks.

* Pictures by Andrea Montaldo *

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